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Are you ready to tell your story?  Are you writing or journaling and unsure about what to do next?  Are you an inspiring author and looking to get to the next step in the publishing process?  Are you an author who would like your book to be featured on multiple platforms?  If you answered yes, to any of these questions then you're in the right place.  

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Featured Book of the Month

Come into a journey of women who have at one time discovered their Crown was tilted and need to be adjusted. Imagine living a masked and unidentifiable life to please anyone except God.Opportunities to co-mingle with like minded women, but afraid to show up in a vulnerable position and lean in for prayer. To gain knowledge of the inner hurt, but no direction or correction to physically take power and leave hurt, doubt, low self esteem. All of these circumstances can allow the Crown to be tilted or partially affixed. This book will secure the woman longevity to Receive the highest position of the Crown, Respect the Queen Position and the King shall live as a King among and with the Queen. The choice is simply, walking into greater or walking out of despair. These Brave women recognized their faults, diagnosis, decisions marriages, and their lives were not always pleasant and joyful. Beginning a Chapter with the Queen Arising in Mind and Faith shifted these women into understanding God's Grace and the Submission of their Surrendering to never allow a tilted or half fallen Crown to be placed upon their Appearance. Ten women, climbing into a Serenity of Purpose to Launch into Queenship for the Best Life Ever Thus Far. As you read, ask yourself? What position is my Crown? Correctly placed and Highly Respected with an Effective Dignity called Respect the Crown. Grace and Surrender: A Queen'sStory.

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Books of the Month


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New Releases(Paperback)

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New Releases(Ebooks)

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Featured Young Author


Zoey's Space Adventures is an exciting and educational book that explores all of the planets in the solar system. Learn fun facts about each planet while on a journey with Astronaut Zoey. Perfect for any home or school library. Science teachers, students and parents will love this book!

Coming Soon...

A Queen's Guide to Dating the Christian Way

Author TJ Woodard presents the complimentary journal to A Queen's Guide to Dating the Christian Way.  The second release of the book will bring greater motivation and inspiration to those who are inspiring to date God's way.  


A Queen's Guide to Dating the Christian Way

Are you dating, considering dating, or have dated and are tired of making the same mistakes? Are you tired of trying it your way and getting the same results? Have you lowered your standards for the sake of loneliness? Do you feel unworthy of true love? Have you thought to yourself that dating is difficult and times have changed? Have you given up on finding love altogether? In the Queen’s Guide to Dating the Christian Way, TJ Woodard and Alton L. Fitch show you that following Gods' instructions as it pertains to dating will change the course of your relationships. They encourage you recognize you are royalty and should be treated as the Queens that you are. God has someone He designed especially for you, and if we stay on course He will give you the desires of your heart. After being divorced twice, TJ has learned that in dating there’s only God’s Way and if she stays in the will of God her King will soon find her.


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Dear Fear Volume 3

What would you do, if you were not afraid? Would you launch your business? Ask for that raise? Write that book? “Dear Fear” was created to give you the strategies and tools you need to answer those questions, and create a plan of action to move beyond your fear, and into your greatness. Award Winning Visionary author, Tiana Patrice, has gathered 10 extraordinary women, from all walks of life, careers and experiences, to tell you their stories of courage, resilience and what it looks like to replace fear with faith, and Activate Your FearLESS. Now is the time to stand up to fear! Are you ready? Co-Authored By: Pamela Knight, Carla Ricks, Alesha Salahuddin, Dara Jones, Pearlean James, Deborah Porter, Tamika 'TJ' Woodard, Prisiclla McNealy, Aprill Jones, Latiera Streeter

Devotionals for a Queen

Devotionals for a Queen is a devotional book that travels with you through many different stages in life.  Life can bring about many changes as well as challenges.  During their own journeys through young adulthood, authors Andrae Hayden and TJ Woodard experienced their share of hardships, as well as good times.  Through the strength of Jesus Christ, the lessons they learned along the way led them on a path to spiritual maturity.  They teamed up to create this powerful devotional unlike any other.  Specifically crafting each devotional to encourage, and motivate its readers through various stages of Life.  Devotionals for a Queen comes straight from their hearts to yours.  It is transparent, heartfelt, and highlights some of the greatest scriptures and motivational quotes.  Designed to empower you to be the royal Queen that God designed you to be.  Andrae and Tamika pray that readers are inspired to go deeper into the person their savior desires them to be as believers.  His love, strength, and peace will guide, and transform you into the Queen that he created you to be.  

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A Book Anthology

Are you married, single, dating, divorced, or widowed? Have you overcome mommy/daddy issues or troubled and or toxic relationships? Are you a parent who has learned the importance of how to love your children and the impact it makes in the adults they become?  Do you have a love experience to share?  Are you able to provide strategies for love and relationships God's way? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book compilation is for you.


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