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TJ Woodard

"When fear wants to silence you, that is when you unleash the power of your VOICE"

A Queen's Guide to Dating the Christian Way


Author TJ Woodard presents the complimentary journal to A Queen's Guide to Dating the Christian Way.  The second release of the book will bring greater motivation and inspiration to this who are aspiring to date God's way.

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the Queen spotlight is back...

tj woodard

Meet TJ Woodard

Tamika J. Woodard is an ICF Certified Life Coach who partners with her clients helping them to achieve their goals.  She brings years of personal experience, knowledge and training as she works in diverse areas to include healing from trauma, business and entrepreneurship as well as navigating through life. 


She is author, mentor, inspirational speaker, who uses her God given gifts to empower young women as she knows first-hand what the statement “hard work pays off” means. While Tamika maintains a positive outlook on life, being spiritually connected, and overcoming obstacles that come her way, fear was her ultimate goal to conquer.

In 2018, Tamika attended a book signing that she says forever changed her life. The book and ministry created by visionary author Tiana Patrice was called Dear Fear. Tamika immediately joined the movement committed to finally taking fear head on and is a contributing author in Dear Fear with her chapter title Dear Fear…You Can’t Have My Voice. In this chapter, she shares her story of being molested as a child which she believes is when she first lost her “voice”. She is now speaking out loud and clear on childhood trauma, anxiety, self-love, life after divorce, entrepreneurship, amongst other topics that will help to encourage, motivate, and inspire other women to walk in their purpose.

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What we do


Book Publishing





The Queen Series (Mentorship)

The Queen Series Mentorship program is a program designed to motivate, encourage and inspire young girls and women to embrace their crown and be the Queens that God created them to be.  We conduct workshops, summits, retreats (virtual and in-person) and promote education, entrepreneurship, and to be who they were authentically created to be.  Sisterhood and accountability are important aspects to our program as we partner with our young women and women helping in the areas that they need it most.  

Healing from Trauma (Coaching)

The Healing from Trauma Program is a program designed to help women who are victims of sexual abuse work find their strength and voice as they work through their healing process.  This program provides support, resource assistance and the tools needed to help women break through barriers that have held them back making them feel undeserving, unworthy, and unable to lead successful lives and maintain healthy relationships.

Business/Entrepreneurship Strategy (Consulting)

The Business/Entrepreneurship Program is a designed to help the business owner or aspiring business owner with taking their business to the next level.  Whether that is from paper to startup or increasing branding and marketing, we provide support, accountability, strategies, and resources needed to help businesses SOAR!


Our focus is on providing businesses with the exposure that they need to thrive. TJW Enterprises, LLC. is dedicated to providing high-quality media and networking opportunities that are beneficial for all involved. We understand that today's world is constantly changing, which is why we offer podcast guest and co-host features, social media and website spotlights, retail products, and partnership opportunities. Our goal is to provide value to our clients while increasing their impact in the market.

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Conversations with Queens

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The Queen Series Spotlight honors women who are doing great things in business, ministry, and the community.  They give of themselves selflessly for the sake of others.  It's not that they do not have challenges like all of us but they choose to adapt, overcome, and persevere.  Help us celebrate these phenomenal women by supporting, following, and connecting with them.  

Look Who's Writing...
An Author's Voice


An Author's Voice is an intimate conversation with host TJ Woodard to discuss the author's process, the story they have decided to tell and provide an inside scoop of what's to come.  It is giving the readers and listeners an opportunity to get inside the author's head and hear the voice behind the words on the page.

The Relationship Lounge

The Relationship Lounge w TJ.jpg

The Relationship Lounge is a show centered around discussions about relationships.  This is a platform that will provide real, open and honest dialogue between men and women that will tackle common and controversial topics related to love, marriage, divorce, singleness and anything in between.

The Truth of the Matter

Truth of the Matter Season 2 (2)-2.jpg

The Truth of the Matter is a show that brings real topics and controversial but transparent conversations about life, religion, family, relationships and more.  Our saying is Your Truth, My Truth, God's Truth and we believe that God's truth is the only TRUTH that matters.  Although we have our own opinions, desires, and experiences, it is God who has the final say so and not depending on Him can come with costly consequences.  The authentic testimonies that you will hear, we believe will be impactful and transformational.  If you're ready...TUNE IN TO FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF!

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