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Conversations with Queens is a platform that spotlights and honors women who are doing great things in business, ministry, and the community.  They give of themselves selflessly for the sake of others.  It's not that they do not have challenges like all of us, but they choose to adapt, overcome, and persevere.  The Conversations with Queens platforms provide a space for women to share their testimonies to empowers other women who may be faced with similar situations as they have had to endure thus giving them hope that they too can achieve any goals they may have set for themselves.

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Meet Sherene Black



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Wednesday January 19, 2022



Sherene S. Black


Sherene S. Black is an encouraging, passionate and enthusiastic woman of God. She is a member of the Higher Calling Ministries in Princess Anne, MD, where she ministers, serves as an intercessor and a teacher in the youth ministry. She is currently a doctoral student with an emphasis in Nephro-toxicology at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Sherene is also a Graduate Assistant for the Louis Stoke Alliance for Minority Participation, scholarship program (LSAMP).
Her most current achievement is, becoming Amazon #1 Best Selling Author through the “Restricted No Longer” Anthology.

She loves the Lord and His people and her willingness to be used by the Holy Spirit, has led her to start a “manifestation challenge” that has led hundreds of believers and non-believers, to experience intimacy with God as they spend time in earnest fasting and prayer. 


Sherene from a tender age, experienced brokenness and rejection. She is adamant that her past tumultuous experiences during her teenage years, have directly contributed to her accepting rejection and abuse as a substitute for love as an adult. As she seeks to fulfil God’s purpose for her life, she desires to use her platform to motivate, empower and stir the gifts of others who feel they have no voice or hope.

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