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Relationships Really Do Matter!

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Relationships Matter

In the last two years, many of us have experienced a devasting number of losses. The pandemic alone has taken so many lives without warning or notice not to include the other ways in which we lose people. It is never easy to lose a loved one. I just want to take time to send my sincere condolences, prayers and love to you. Losing people who are close especially if it is suddenly or unexpectedly it shakes our entire world to the core. That’s understandable. The strength required to keep going comes from our faith (for me it is in God) and the relationships that we still have to support us.

I lost a loved one suddenly not too long ago. I remember our last conversation vividly. During this conversation she discussed all the things she wanted to do. A few weeks later she passed. I miss her greatly and there are many lessons I’ve learned from her, this conversation and her passing. I was reminded how RELATIONSHIPS REALLY DO MATTER. The relationships we lose whether through death, mutual or involuntary separation the relationships we have play a role in how we experience life and the decisions we make.

In this new year, we should be even more intentional about the people we are connected to. The people who you are surrounded by can either push you or stump your growth IF YOU ALLOW IT! If you are feeling stuck, attracting the same people, or if you are not feeling challenged in any way it is time to conduct a self-evaluation and evaluate your relationship. Some things may need to change within yourself and with your choices in the people you have around you.

Tomorrow is not promised. There are no guarantees to include that the people in your life will always be around. Take time and be intentional about your life and who you allow in it because RELATIONSHIPS REALLY DO MATTER!

Love Coach TJ

Your Cheer Queen

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